Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Missionary Friend

Hello Dear ones-  
I know it has been so long since I last blogged. My life has been a whirlwind and there are times where I barely feel like I am keeping my head afloat, but God is so good to meet you right where you are at or when you need him he is there. 

I am really posting to share with you about my beloved Missionary friend Celina- She is here in the USA trying to take care of some issues they have been having with their bank account. You never realize how INCONVENIENT life can be till you have to deal with life in another country and still try to maintain things in the USA.  She is such a small frail looking person, but what a spirit this woman has. She truly does love the Lord. Life as a missionary has been a time of stretching and molding in her life. She has seen illness in her family and herself. She has experienced spirtual attack. She battles the differences in culture, language and understanding, while trying to do the Will of God and reach the lost. What a challenge is it is, but she truly in the Great Commission that God has place on all of our lives- To Go And Make Disciples of All Nations. We as believers fail in that area. 

Often times- we worry so much about ourselves, our health, our relationship, our needs, our prayers, that we forget to reach out to the lost world around us. We have so many right in the USA that are lost- that wonder around seeking fulfillment in the world around them with a hole in their heart and not knowing why. And the thing is we(Christians) have the answer- Jesus Christ! The one and only- true and Living God- the fulfillment of all joy and the giver of life! May we all realize that we are all called to Seek and Save the lost- through Christ Jesus!

Please my dear ones- pray for this Family-the Hendersons - pray for missionaries, and pray that the Lord will challenge you in this area in your walk with Christ!

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