Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The King's Daughter

Good morning all-
I am up early- Praise the Lord. I have decided to try and get up early- and have some time with the Lord- then see if I can get some things done with schooling. I am hoping if I can do this- during the day I can work on some projects I have been trying to get done.

Anyway- I started a book this morning by Diane Hagee- The King's daughter. The first chapter brought me to tears several times. As she gave testimony of what God did for the very first conference she put together for young ladies, I could see the mighty power of God. The power, that we know is there, but so often doubt. I was amazed about how he worked to see that she got what she needed for this 12 week conference to be a success!

She stated some profound points that I thought I would share with all of you. This book is Titled " The King's Daughter- Becoming the Women God created you to be." It covers the inner women that has never come out. This all started because she decided to start a class for young ladies to help prepare them mentally, spiritually, and physically to be women and help them see that they are the daughters of the King. In the conference- what she noticed that more and more mothers, were staying to be involved and by the end of the conference she had 150 needy mothers- in the back of the room listening to what was being said, being changed and coming to alter! She started to examine why these mothers who should be teaching their daughters at home this principle are in this conference thirsting to be taught this principle themselves.

As she was speaking to a friend of hers about what was happening- he so profoundly said- God created gaps: those between good and evil, light and dark, sweet and bitter, and between men and women. Women have gravitated into a man's world in the name of equality and freedom. In search for equality women have lost their own identity and their identity in Christ. We (as women) were never meant to be equal. We were meant to be Unique!!

We have embraced the world and it's values so long that the lines or gaps between good and evil and light and darkness are dim. We have been around spiritual darkness and moral decadence so long that what we once considered unacceptable is now the norm. Through tolerance we have allowed a moral cancer to grow within each of us that our lives mirror the world.

My thoughts: How many of us can say that our lives are different then our unsaved neighbors? Not only do we dress similar, drive similar vehicles, but we also watch the same tv shows, and shop in the same stores. The only difference is twice a week- we go to church. And some of us just might take time- to read our bible.
We have become part of this world. In that we have lost who we are in Christ as believers and women!

Lord- I ask that you forgive me - I ask that you lead me through this study. That you help me to see where it is I have compromised in my life. I ask that you help me to be your daughter- but more so Help me KNOW that I am the King's daughter! Lead me I pray-

I hope you will walk with me through this twelve week-study!


  1. Angie,

    It reminds me of our Beth Moore Daniel study we did last year. Through that study we became more aware of this culture and the fact that we are called to be His holy people set-apart. We are called to stand out and not blend into our culture. Yet society tries to teach us from the time we are children that we want to be like everyone else. Ever since that study I have been so much more aware of our Babylon culture that surrounds us, and the fact that He does not want me to blend in!


  2. Angie,

    I am so proud of you for starting this study. I will be praying you though it. I am also proud of you for being willing to allow God to rearrange your day so that you can spend some time with Him.

    Love the new look.



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