Friday, October 3, 2008

Turning 18

Today is my eldest son's birthday- he is turning 18 years old. Such a significant age to the world around us. But truly what does it mean to those who do not live according to the world, and the standards of the world. It means that he is growing, becoming a man, but that does not happen just because he turned 18 years old. It has been happening over time through body changes, and through changes that I see in his character. What makes a man? Is it truly his age that makes a man? Or is it his actions, his character, the way he deals with life situations and the decisions he makes? Each time my baby, faces challenges in his life and comes to a conclusion that a man comes to- my eyes are change. I see him for what he is becoming, the MAN of God, The WARRIOR for Christ, and some day the LEADER of his home. That did not happen just because he is 18 years old!
All that to say- My son, my baby, my love, my pride and Joy- Happy Birthday! Mom loves you more than herself!

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  1. Happy Birthday Paul Michael!!!
    Wow 18yrs old already? I think you were 11 when we all met, just a boy and now look, "a young Godly man." Praise God for your life and your mother for bringing you fourth.

    Mrs. Henderson


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