Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Worshipping Wednesday!

Praise you Jesus- I praise you my Lord, my Prince of Peace, Lord of Lord, Mighty One- My Solid Rock! I come to you in a spirit of Worship- and ask that these words- my words speak to all of those who read them. Amen

This has been a crazy week- we have visitors. My friend Celina and her youngest Joshua-are missionaries(MOR) from the Philippines are here with us for a few days. She has come to broken, and ill. She needs many prayers and needs restoration spiritually and mentally! Serving others not only is draining but has caused major difficulties in their family dynamics! I see Satan attacking all over them- it is sad because- she is so dear to me- her pain- causes my heart to break. Yet I know- that though they are fighting for what is Good, and pure, the Lord has not left them! He is there to strengthen them. They truly believe in the GREATEST Commandment- to go and make disciples of Nations- but with that commandment- there was NO promise that it would be easy. The evil one does not want disciples of all nations. He wants the family divided- because a divided family brings weakness and sin! May the Lord protect them, guide them, and give them strength in their darkness!

More about the visit- this has been a glorious time for us! She is absolutely my heart-she is the dearest woman I know- and I truly love her as if she was my sister! It has been such a joy for me to cater to her- and have her here with me to chat with, and fellowship! Though I know because of difficult circumstances- I truly believe we were brought together in a time when we both needed it! When she comes it is like a ray of sunshine!

The last few weeks have been difficult for me- maybe that is why I have not blogged much. I struggled with loneliness- as well as things- that I have blogged about before.I did not want to sound like a boring broken record and lose the 4 people that read my blog faithfully! The Lord is faithful to meet us when we are weakest!

Thank you for sharing this time with me!

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