Sunday, November 2, 2008


Wow- I can not believe how my weeks have flown by. What have I been up too? Well let me see- I went away for three days to south Texas- Rio Grande area. I have never seen that part of Texas- it reminded me alot of Galveston with all the palm trees- not much different. I was hoping to see catus and sand- but no- lots of green.
I got back and have been totally focused on school and nursing my #2 son back to health- he had his wisdom teeth removed. Friday Noah had surgery on his tear duct. So it was a busy week for mom on top of schooling, housework, and all my other duties as keeper of the Home.
It amazes me November has arrived here in Houston. The trees are finally turning colors! It is great! I love it! Very beautiful! I love November- I love thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite holidays, the other is Easter!
My baby turns two right after my birthday- his is the 13th, mine is the 12th. My sister will be here for the week! I am so excited. I miss her dearly!

So there you have a miniupdate on me!
Here is a photo of me and my wonderful children:

Pray all is well with you!

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