Monday, December 1, 2008

December is here!

Wow- December is here-
I can't believe how quickly this year has gone. I sit here and ponder where my year has brought me. For one- here to Texas, and into the valley. The valley has been so deep and dark. I have had my rays of sunshine, but for the most part it has been spiritually and emotionally dark. Yes I know that we all have our seasons. Yes I know that as we walk through the valley it is a time of growth, reflections, and stretching from the Lord beyond our human limitations, but it hurts anyway.
I was beginning to think I was going to be left in that valley- cold and alone. The Lord has shined a ray of hope in my heart.

The last two weeks of sermons at the churches(yes more than one) we have been visiting- I feel like the Lord has spoken directly to me.

Two weeks ago the preacher spoke on prayer. The scriptures reference comes from Daniel 10:10-15 - he spoke on how we believe in prayer- but how we use the power of prayer sparingly. Mostly because we do not understand how prayer works. We do not view prayer as a way to have an impact on our day to day decisions.
Luke 18:1-7 is an example of how we are to pray and never give up.
Some are dealing with unanswered prayers. The answer has been dispatched it just had not manifested itself yet. First time that we pray not only has all heaven been let loose- to bring you your answer, but all hell has been opened and is aware that you are seeking an answer! Always pray because when we pray we unleash the power from heaven. Do not assume no answer- means no sense in praying anymore!
PUSH- your way forward -
Pray Until Something Happens!!!

This week was just as profound to me- and dealt more on the dark valley- my discouragement! How my discouragement leads to a negative tongue, a negative tongue leads to losing faith, and losing faith of course leads to my Father- having to discipline me back into his arms.
The preacher showed in scripture the first time the word-discouraged showed up. Numbers 21:4-8(depending on the version your read) How in our time of discouragement we try to stay busy and distract ourselves instead of praying or reading to change the discouragement.

What can be sources of discouragement?
One is people in your life!

The other is what you see in the world, or in the natural. Of course there is life situations that are a discouragement to us.

Learn to encourage yourself in the Lord through His word! Count your blessings every day. Being anointed by God means that we have a great opportunity in our lives and with every anointing comes a great testing, but with every testing comes the great opportunity to draw closer to our Heavenly Father!

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  1. Hmmmmmmm, sounds to me that the Holy Spirit is up to something, as these are the very things that have been pressed upon my heart concerning prayer.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Ok, going to read & pray before my lunch hour is up.
    Love ya!


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