Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Mother Letter Project....

The Mother Letter Project

Dear Mother
I hope this letter does not come too late since it is the day before Christmas. As the old saying says- better late than never.
Mother, I am writing to share my heart with you.
My greatest Christmas prayer is to be pregnant. It would be the only and ultimate gift that could be given to me. Of course I am grateful for the 6 children that have been given to me. Yes I said 6 children, but my arms are empty and aching. My heart has enough room for more! See I had my first 5 at a young age- right after the 5th one was born, I got my tubes tied. Oh how unwise that was. I was not sure if I was done, but my husband was. He was so overwhelmed with 5 little ones running around, though he adored them all. He was unsure of how he would provided, though he does not provide, the LORD does through him, but at that time he did not understand that. Ten years later the Lord lead me to a place, a place of repentance for not trusting, and being faithful to his provision in our lives. My husband was brought to that place too- without me saying a word.
By the Lord's forgiving hand- he brought me to a ministry that helped me get a surgery and have my tubes untied. A year later- I had a baby- a beautiful little boy.
Mother- I often think of all the children I would have had if my selfishness would not have over taken my life. I think of the warriors for the Kingdom of Heaven I would have sitting around me now- if I would have truly understood the gift I had in my hands. The gift of life- the gift through children.
I have found out what the meaning of life is- it is not to have a big house, many things, or lots of money. It is the heritage you leave behind. The statement you leave in your children's lives and heart that they pass on from generation to generation. Mother- what will your stamp in life, in your families' lives be? I want my stamp be the LOVE I had for the Lord and for each of them.I desire them to do the LORD's will in each of their lives!
Mother- our lives are so quickly lived and we each live with regrets- mine was not having the quiverful home like God intended for me and prayer for you is that you don't have regrets when you close your eyes for the last time!

Love In Christ

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