Friday, January 30, 2009

I could not resist sharing this…

Alexander was in his room with Noah. He started to crack his knuckles and Noah runs up to and says: “Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop: Don’t Crack yourself, Allie.”

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Lesson Learned...




Well straightening my hair worked- but not without some consequences. There is some damaged done. As I sit here realizing how selfish and stupid it is to desire something that God did not give me in the first place. Curly hair is what God has given me. Here I was wanting it to have straight and managable hair. why is that? What motivates one to put these harsh chemicals on themselves- for good looks?well honestly it did not "improve" my looks. So wonder what makes one do this to themselves? Approval? Desire to be someone they are not? Is it pressure to maintain a certain look because that is what society says.
In my mind I say "who cares what society or others say", but do we really act like we do not care. Can we manage to be separate from the world, that much!!?

Lord forgive me for not being content in who I am and what you have created in me! Teach me Lord through your Word- to see myself through your eyes and to love myself as you love me!

Love In Christ
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Noah counting to 10 Video

I meant to share this when I uploaded it.. This is Noah counting to 10 all by himself!

Too cute Huh?

Laughter Lives Tuesday

Laughter LivesThis post is part of "Laughter Lives! Tuesday" on the Riggs Family Blog. Check our their blog to read everyone else's "Laughter Lives!" posts.




Noah- the youngest of six children and adored by everyone. His older siblings are way older than he is starting at 18 years old,17,15,13 and 12. So he is truly the little guy in our home. Communication has not been a problem for him, thanks with the Help of Signing Time and not to mention his very talkative siblings.

I love you- or I lub you in Noah language often comes out when he wants something or when he is in trouble.  But his favorite way to tell me he loves me is to wrap his arms around my head, press his little lips against mine and just hold it there,baby slobber and all!  Often times I have to break the vice grip as I  am laughing- and he looks at me and says “Mama-I lub you” . How can a heart not melt in his little arms!


Funny things Noah Does

If you know anything about the Sellers household- laughter lives here and abides close to each and every one of us!

My children love to watch the comedy episodes called “Bananas”,which are Christian comedians. One of the comedians- talks about his children and the little things that they do and say. Of course- my comedian want a be’s mimic him and what he says. One of the sayings that this comedian does is a phrase taught him by his 2 year old  and often times my 17 year old walks around saying it to his siblings whenever they ask things of him. This saying has been said so much around my home that even little ears have picked up.

One evening we were sitting in the living room it was time for family devotions, and dad was trying to get all the children to settle in and get prepared. Of course- whenever it is time to settle down, the baby-Noah, gets all wound up and ready to play. Dad tells baby Noah- come sit with me. Noah stands there for a second with this face on whether he was going to obey or not, so of course Dad repeats himself. Noah continues to look at Dad- still wondering whether he should listen when out comes the phrase he has heard his brothers use on each other. “I don’t wanna” with the same tone that his brothers use. I had to quickly hide my face as I burst into laughter while dad worked hard not to laugh,himself.

Monday, January 26, 2009

An amazing raffle for a good cause

Ok for those few who follow me here is an amazing raffle for a good cause.  I found this through a blog that I am dedicated to reading-McMama. I am not big on winning things, and trust me I never get anything for free. This raffle is really a win win situation, even if you do not win one of the prizes, the reason for them doing the raffle is a win situation in the first place and to think we were part of that blessing should bring you to the point of wanting to be a part, so If I have peeked your interest enough follow the link to the blog- to read more about this amazing thing this family is doing.


And don’t forget to leave a comment letting them know that I sent you… if you want!



Monday, January 19, 2009

Matthew 12:36

And I say to you, that every careless word that men shall speak, they shall render account for it in the day of judgement…

Wow- actually when I take the time consider this verse it truly intimidates me, why? 

EVERY CARELESS, or KJV says EVERY IDLE  word. Makes you sit back and consider your words. For every word that you have spoken that is careless you will render an account before the Lord. OH MY!!

He is going to want to know my motives, why I was careless, offensive and committed sin using my mouth! OH MY!

I guess that is why in Psalm 19 :14  David says

Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart Be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord, my rock and my Redeemer.

Let us each take in consideration our careless or idle Words- let our tongues bring Glory to our Lord today!

Singing Praises to our King


Another weeks has gone by…

This week was full of praying and trying to figure out in what direction He would have us go in schooling. I have read alot about a few different curriculum’s and have concluded that we will be probably starting SOW=Student of the Word.  (you can read more about this curriculum @ The nice thing about this program is that I can use the books I purchased for them for school as resources, so I wont be getting rid of anything.

Basically the curriculum uses the Word of God as the Center focal book and from the Word- we learn History, Geography,Science, and English. Math of course will remain the same curriculum.

What is my hope and prayer in it- to see my children’s foundation strength and be unwavering. To see them become the mighty Warriors for His kingdom God intended them to be and for them to know the Word so that when persecution comes they will be able to stand firm.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What do you call brotherly love?


As you recall I posted we had friends coming from Missouri. Many people have touched our lives, and heart through the years of moving from one place to the other, but known like these two people. Curtis and Marcia are to beautiful for words. They are generous, giving, loving and so full of wisdom of the Lord. That often times when he speaks I must spend a lot of time concentrating on his words, because his depth goes beyond me.


Our Guest from Missouri- The JantzIMG_0553

He showed his love for Sam by starting to cut this tree while Samuel was at work! He worked on the chainsaw for hours to get it started, and once started he got to work.


She blessed me tremendously with delicious meals, and wonderful treats- that were healthy. She is so creative in the kitchen, where I am not as daring. I go by a recipe where others   are adventurous.

Brother Curtis shared a bible study with us each night. It revived all our souls and he left us thirsting for more! Thank you to these two beautiful people for blessings not only with their words of encouragement, love, but coming with hearts willing to strengthen and serve!

This  is the prime example of Brotherly Christian love that we are to bestow on each other.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cultural Differences

Have you ever noticed that every cultural has unique characteristics that define it. I am going to just talk about my own culture since that is the one I know and can speak matter factually about.
I am Hispanic. My family originates from the Island of Puerto Rico. For those of you who have not been around many Puerto Ricans- most of them are of a medium complexion, but honestly we all vary in color like any other culture. My hair is thick and curly while my sister and brother's are straight and black. We vary in size as well. Big, short, tall, thin, fat- you name it we have it on the island. The one thing we all have in common is our ability to be loud and passionate when we speak. We speak very passionately, and at times very strongly with force and emphasis.
I am a passionate speaking, sometimes loud, very strong person. When I speak on any subject, I speak with so much passion often times it makes those around me(who do not know me) think I am angry or frustrated. The truth is I am not angry or frustrated. It is my personality, which stems from my culture. I try not to be loud- as the bible says "meek and humble spirit" but I find myself failing at that time and time again leaving my husband to explain why I am the way I am, again.

Now that frustrates me, how often do you get put in a situation where your husband is left to explain why you are the way you are? I know NO ONE has ever asked me why is Sam the way he is, but he seems to be posed this question by people who start to get close to us. Or they will ask, does she have anger issues? I just want to say, WHAT?

Before posing that question- has anyone considered that I am of Latin decent. I was raised in a Puerto Rican home, surrounded completely by passionate, loud, boisterous women all my life. Having a meek and humble spirit in my family was actually allowing the other to get their point out before actually interjecting your own. (haha) I remember sitting and listening to my mother and her sisters.. they all spoke so fast, and loud, but what I noticed the most was their passion. Each spoke with such passion, hands moving, faces dressed with such expression, all over a pot of rice!! (yummy) So there you have it me in a nut shell- take it or leave it. Passionate, and hands full of expression and my face distorting in a way one never knew possible, all over a pot of rice!

Love In Christ

Monday, January 12, 2009


I have become so dissatisfied in my homeschooling! Feeling like the children are just doing the work with no retention or desire or love for learning. We have become a mini-public school in my home. Of course- without the outside influences, but the foundation, or formation no different than the standard education given to those in public school.

We get up- we pray(different I know), read a word(different I know), but they hit the books then it is all about getting done. Where is that foundation? How did we become mini-robots, just doing what we need to and memorizing temporarily the facts and information? Where did I lose the true meaning- the fact that we homeschool to build Godly Characters for Christ? I know the curriculum is set up to give facts, and throw God in there from time to time. What about the time when the bible was the sole center of learning and things were added to it to expand on the their knowledge?

Lord lead me as I seek a better way to build that foundation your Word mentions!

Love In Christ

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year's Eve Dance A Thon

On New Year's eve all the children did was dance most of the evening away.
It was so fun to watch them. I thought you would enjoy seeing my #2 son in action. He is the one in the green shirt with the Orange ball cap on.

Love In Christ

My boys Singing-What Child is this?

This is really them singing- the music with some accompany,but it is mainly their voices!I am so proud of them.

Love In Christ

Guess who is coming to Texas!!

We are all so excited because we are getting a visit from some very dear friends from Missouri. The Jantz family are driving to Texas just to see us. We are all so excited about it. We love their company and are looking forward to them coming to restore each of us in the spirit.
Isn't it amazing how much power and influence we have on each others spirit?
I will post some photos of our dear friends when they arrive! Pray for their safety!

Love In Christ

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Self Preservation

I wonder how many of us get in this mode, or do this without even realizing it when it comes to our walk with Christ. It is easier to keep quiet, lie or even go as far as deny, then it is to stand up for righteousness, convictions or go against the follow of the rest of the group or even church.

Genesis 12- is a perfect example of this self preservation- Abram was told to go- and he went, but when he arrived in Egypt- he told Sarai to lie- and stated that she was his sister, not his wife. He allowed Pharaoh to take Sarai as his wife- all over self preservation. I wonder what would have happened if he would have stood up, and trusted that the Lord would protect him and his wife. I believe he would have received another blessing and the biggest blessing of all he would have watched the Lord work!
How many times have we missed the mark or the blessing in our lives by being afraid or going into self preservation mode?

If we follow the Lord as He leads, trusting that anything we face, we face with HIM by our side, why would we waver? Because deep down our faith is weak.

We are all so quick to remind the Lord of His promises he placed in His Word, but we quickly forget the expectations or our part that we must fulfill. The one who makes the promise is under as much obligation as the one who receives and expects the promises to be fulfilled.

Praise the Lord does not wait till we are wholly committed to pledge Himself to us nor fully mature to fulfill His promises in our lives. God's promise led Abram and Sarai through their challenges to become Abraham and Sarah. It was when Abraham no longer doubted the Lord's good intentions did God fulfill the greatest promise- and eventually lead to Jesus Christ!

Lord help us to grow to a point where self preservation is not our concern. Help us to get to a point of full commitment in our lives. Where we not only expect to see your promise fulfilled in our lives, but realize our part in those promises!
I pray this to You MY Lord! Amen

Love In Christ

Friday, January 2, 2009

Genesis chapter 22

This morning- I decided I was going to start differently- I was going to read the word- I can't tell you how many interruptions even from my big children I got. Normally- I get up- get a cup of coffee and can be on the internet for a good hour or more without one interruption. I get up deteremined to spend time in the word and I get phone calls, and children coming in every 5 minutes. Ok enough of that and on to what I studied-
Abraham is tested- How many of you have really examined this chapter? As I read these words that I have read before my heartached for Abraham. I started to think- how did he do it. How did he get up and do what the Lord asked of him? With NO record of the anguish and pain that could have been occurring in his heart. As I reflected on what it was he was asked to do- I wondered what went through his mind.Could I do it? Would I do it?
Was he tormented by thoughts and feelings of not following through? Not obeying the voice of the Lord? He seemed, in the word, to just do it. It seemed so easy- just go and slay your son- and He got up and prepared for the trip. Thats it- but you know there was more to it. There had to be. I wonder what his thoughts were. Or was his trust and faith in the promises of God enough to keep him from any thoughts and all actions?
I can't imagine- as Abraham lifted that knife to slay his son- the praise that came from his heart- when the Angel stopped him and the Lord provided a lamb in place of his son!
How many of us can say that we stand so strongly on the promises of God that we just do and not think or hesitate? The Lord has proven over and over again in my life that I can stand on his promises in my life, but yet when asked to do a task beyond my own understanding- I stand back and ask why? Or even go as far as to dig my heels in, in a state of rebellion!

Lord forgive me- help me and strengthen me to a faith and walk like Abraham's! I love you Lord and know I have failed you in so many ways in my life. I often wonder if you are up there shaking your head at me and crying because of my failures! I know that I have placed myself in this dark valley and now I am looking to You, as if you did it. Forgive me Lord- and help me to learn what it is you need me to learn in this place. Lead me in the way you want me to go- bring my heart to a point of praise!

Love In Christ

Thursday, January 1, 2009

What will 2009 bring?

I have thought quite often of what this new year might bring for me and my family. I surely did not know in starting 2007- that it would end with me moving to Texas in the beginning of 2008. 2008 was the hardest year for me emotionally, and spiritually. A piece of myself was left in Missouri.

When I moved from PA- it was hard and a double edge sword because I was leaving my mother to be with my sister. It was so bittersweet for me because I love them both dearly. Leaving Missouri- was nothing but heartache. I knew that I had to do whatever for the survival of my family, but it never subsided that pain. Some days were better than others. The times I found joy and peace was when Missy was coming down to see me with the girls or when mom came to see us. Those were the only times I could find peace about being here in Texas. I should be grateful, I know, the children are healthy, we have a roof over our heads and Samuel is able to provide. But peace eludes me, my heart breaks as I try to find what it is the Lord has for me here.

There are times- that I look around me and feel as if I have entered this dark valley- with huge mountains all around me and not a ray of sun can touch me. I am wondering around in this valley, so alone and so scared. I desire to climb one of those mountains to find peace, warmth and purpose again!

Whatever 2009 brings- I pray that it will bring more joy, laughter, and love to all of our lives. I also pray that it will bring each of us closer to the Lord, and closer to your family because in life what else is there??

Love to all of you



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