Monday, January 19, 2009

Another weeks has gone by…

This week was full of praying and trying to figure out in what direction He would have us go in schooling. I have read alot about a few different curriculum’s and have concluded that we will be probably starting SOW=Student of the Word.  (you can read more about this curriculum @ The nice thing about this program is that I can use the books I purchased for them for school as resources, so I wont be getting rid of anything.

Basically the curriculum uses the Word of God as the Center focal book and from the Word- we learn History, Geography,Science, and English. Math of course will remain the same curriculum.

What is my hope and prayer in it- to see my children’s foundation strength and be unwavering. To see them become the mighty Warriors for His kingdom God intended them to be and for them to know the Word so that when persecution comes they will be able to stand firm.


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  1. I too long for this for my children. I think you all will enjoy SOW. I'll continue to lift you all up in prayer and cover you with His blood.


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