Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cultural Differences

Have you ever noticed that every cultural has unique characteristics that define it. I am going to just talk about my own culture since that is the one I know and can speak matter factually about.
I am Hispanic. My family originates from the Island of Puerto Rico. For those of you who have not been around many Puerto Ricans- most of them are of a medium complexion, but honestly we all vary in color like any other culture. My hair is thick and curly while my sister and brother's are straight and black. We vary in size as well. Big, short, tall, thin, fat- you name it we have it on the island. The one thing we all have in common is our ability to be loud and passionate when we speak. We speak very passionately, and at times very strongly with force and emphasis.
I am a passionate speaking, sometimes loud, very strong person. When I speak on any subject, I speak with so much passion often times it makes those around me(who do not know me) think I am angry or frustrated. The truth is I am not angry or frustrated. It is my personality, which stems from my culture. I try not to be loud- as the bible says "meek and humble spirit" but I find myself failing at that time and time again leaving my husband to explain why I am the way I am, again.

Now that frustrates me, how often do you get put in a situation where your husband is left to explain why you are the way you are? I know NO ONE has ever asked me why is Sam the way he is, but he seems to be posed this question by people who start to get close to us. Or they will ask, does she have anger issues? I just want to say, WHAT?

Before posing that question- has anyone considered that I am of Latin decent. I was raised in a Puerto Rican home, surrounded completely by passionate, loud, boisterous women all my life. Having a meek and humble spirit in my family was actually allowing the other to get their point out before actually interjecting your own. (haha) I remember sitting and listening to my mother and her sisters.. they all spoke so fast, and loud, but what I noticed the most was their passion. Each spoke with such passion, hands moving, faces dressed with such expression, all over a pot of rice!! (yummy) So there you have it me in a nut shell- take it or leave it. Passionate, and hands full of expression and my face distorting in a way one never knew possible, all over a pot of rice!

Love In Christ


  1. Yeah, the first few times we talked, I wondered that too. Then I just got to the point where I was like...that's just the way she is. I never would have thought about your culture and what Latin families are like, simply because I don't what that culture is like.
    Either way it goes, I LOVE YA all the same!!!!

  2. All I know is that I love everything about you and I always have. You complete me because God knows I lack passion in some areas and determination. You are the perfect helpmeet for me . Thank you dear Lord for my beloved (passionate) bride. I love you!

  3. I'm I need to say anymore? lol

    I can't COUNT the times I've been told, 'your so loud, you sure are hyper' bla bla bla!

    I can't count the times I have cried out to God,,'oh Lord, make me a gentle quiet spirit'.

    He has..but I'm still loud! This is who HE made me to be. I will never have a quiet voice (unless God causes my vocal chords to diminish)but I CAN have a quiet gentle spirit when dealing with others...

    So now I have learned to love this loud boisterous woman I am. God loves precious His love is!!

    I LOVED this post and how you shared from the heart..

    Hubby used to get those questions too,,'is she always like this?'


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