Monday, January 12, 2009


I have become so dissatisfied in my homeschooling! Feeling like the children are just doing the work with no retention or desire or love for learning. We have become a mini-public school in my home. Of course- without the outside influences, but the foundation, or formation no different than the standard education given to those in public school.

We get up- we pray(different I know), read a word(different I know), but they hit the books then it is all about getting done. Where is that foundation? How did we become mini-robots, just doing what we need to and memorizing temporarily the facts and information? Where did I lose the true meaning- the fact that we homeschool to build Godly Characters for Christ? I know the curriculum is set up to give facts, and throw God in there from time to time. What about the time when the bible was the sole center of learning and things were added to it to expand on the their knowledge?

Lord lead me as I seek a better way to build that foundation your Word mentions!

Love In Christ

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  1. I can't wait to be able to send you the SOW books to look over. I really think you will like them. EVERYTHING is centered around the Word of God. You all will be in the Word for all things except God. Or you can set it up however you choose. Whatever the case, I know exactly what you are feeling...been there. Just hold on, He hears ya!!!


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