Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Funny things Noah Does

If you know anything about the Sellers household- laughter lives here and abides close to each and every one of us!

My children love to watch the comedy episodes called “Bananas”,which are Christian comedians. One of the comedians- talks about his children and the little things that they do and say. Of course- my comedian want a be’s mimic him and what he says. One of the sayings that this comedian does is a phrase taught him by his 2 year old  and often times my 17 year old walks around saying it to his siblings whenever they ask things of him. This saying has been said so much around my home that even little ears have picked up.

One evening we were sitting in the living room it was time for family devotions, and dad was trying to get all the children to settle in and get prepared. Of course- whenever it is time to settle down, the baby-Noah, gets all wound up and ready to play. Dad tells baby Noah- come sit with me. Noah stands there for a second with this face on whether he was going to obey or not, so of course Dad repeats himself. Noah continues to look at Dad- still wondering whether he should listen when out comes the phrase he has heard his brothers use on each other. “I don’t wanna” with the same tone that his brothers use. I had to quickly hide my face as I burst into laughter while dad worked hard not to laugh,himself.

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