Friday, January 2, 2009

Genesis chapter 22

This morning- I decided I was going to start differently- I was going to read the word- I can't tell you how many interruptions even from my big children I got. Normally- I get up- get a cup of coffee and can be on the internet for a good hour or more without one interruption. I get up deteremined to spend time in the word and I get phone calls, and children coming in every 5 minutes. Ok enough of that and on to what I studied-
Abraham is tested- How many of you have really examined this chapter? As I read these words that I have read before my heartached for Abraham. I started to think- how did he do it. How did he get up and do what the Lord asked of him? With NO record of the anguish and pain that could have been occurring in his heart. As I reflected on what it was he was asked to do- I wondered what went through his mind.Could I do it? Would I do it?
Was he tormented by thoughts and feelings of not following through? Not obeying the voice of the Lord? He seemed, in the word, to just do it. It seemed so easy- just go and slay your son- and He got up and prepared for the trip. Thats it- but you know there was more to it. There had to be. I wonder what his thoughts were. Or was his trust and faith in the promises of God enough to keep him from any thoughts and all actions?
I can't imagine- as Abraham lifted that knife to slay his son- the praise that came from his heart- when the Angel stopped him and the Lord provided a lamb in place of his son!
How many of us can say that we stand so strongly on the promises of God that we just do and not think or hesitate? The Lord has proven over and over again in my life that I can stand on his promises in my life, but yet when asked to do a task beyond my own understanding- I stand back and ask why? Or even go as far as to dig my heels in, in a state of rebellion!

Lord forgive me- help me and strengthen me to a faith and walk like Abraham's! I love you Lord and know I have failed you in so many ways in my life. I often wonder if you are up there shaking your head at me and crying because of my failures! I know that I have placed myself in this dark valley and now I am looking to You, as if you did it. Forgive me Lord- and help me to learn what it is you need me to learn in this place. Lead me in the way you want me to go- bring my heart to a point of praise!

Love In Christ

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