Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Laughter Lives Tuesday

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Noah- the youngest of six children and adored by everyone. His older siblings are way older than he is starting at 18 years old,17,15,13 and 12. So he is truly the little guy in our home. Communication has not been a problem for him, thanks with the Help of Signing Time and not to mention his very talkative siblings.

I love you- or I lub you in Noah language often comes out when he wants something or when he is in trouble.  But his favorite way to tell me he loves me is to wrap his arms around my head, press his little lips against mine and just hold it there,baby slobber and all!  Often times I have to break the vice grip as I  am laughing- and he looks at me and says “Mama-I lub you” . How can a heart not melt in his little arms!



  1. oh, that´s so sweet! :) and I absolutely love that photo :D

  2. Oh my niece used to do that to me, too! How cute is it when they love you THAT much they just don't want to let you go? :) What a great story!


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