Saturday, January 3, 2009

Self Preservation

I wonder how many of us get in this mode, or do this without even realizing it when it comes to our walk with Christ. It is easier to keep quiet, lie or even go as far as deny, then it is to stand up for righteousness, convictions or go against the follow of the rest of the group or even church.

Genesis 12- is a perfect example of this self preservation- Abram was told to go- and he went, but when he arrived in Egypt- he told Sarai to lie- and stated that she was his sister, not his wife. He allowed Pharaoh to take Sarai as his wife- all over self preservation. I wonder what would have happened if he would have stood up, and trusted that the Lord would protect him and his wife. I believe he would have received another blessing and the biggest blessing of all he would have watched the Lord work!
How many times have we missed the mark or the blessing in our lives by being afraid or going into self preservation mode?

If we follow the Lord as He leads, trusting that anything we face, we face with HIM by our side, why would we waver? Because deep down our faith is weak.

We are all so quick to remind the Lord of His promises he placed in His Word, but we quickly forget the expectations or our part that we must fulfill. The one who makes the promise is under as much obligation as the one who receives and expects the promises to be fulfilled.

Praise the Lord does not wait till we are wholly committed to pledge Himself to us nor fully mature to fulfill His promises in our lives. God's promise led Abram and Sarai through their challenges to become Abraham and Sarah. It was when Abraham no longer doubted the Lord's good intentions did God fulfill the greatest promise- and eventually lead to Jesus Christ!

Lord help us to grow to a point where self preservation is not our concern. Help us to get to a point of full commitment in our lives. Where we not only expect to see your promise fulfilled in our lives, but realize our part in those promises!
I pray this to You MY Lord! Amen

Love In Christ

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