Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What do you call brotherly love?


As you recall I posted we had friends coming from Missouri. Many people have touched our lives, and heart through the years of moving from one place to the other, but known like these two people. Curtis and Marcia are to beautiful for words. They are generous, giving, loving and so full of wisdom of the Lord. That often times when he speaks I must spend a lot of time concentrating on his words, because his depth goes beyond me.


Our Guest from Missouri- The JantzIMG_0553

He showed his love for Sam by starting to cut this tree while Samuel was at work! He worked on the chainsaw for hours to get it started, and once started he got to work.


She blessed me tremendously with delicious meals, and wonderful treats- that were healthy. She is so creative in the kitchen, where I am not as daring. I go by a recipe where others   are adventurous.

Brother Curtis shared a bible study with us each night. It revived all our souls and he left us thirsting for more! Thank you to these two beautiful people for blessings not only with their words of encouragement, love, but coming with hearts willing to strengthen and serve!

This  is the prime example of Brotherly Christian love that we are to bestow on each other.


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  1. Angie,
    They sound like lovely people, I wish I could have met them. I"m so glad you are enjoying friends and sounds like you were wonderfully blessed. Praise God, he has surrounded you with wonderful people of God.



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