Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shawnee’s Valentines Scavenger…

1. What was your favorite Valentines day memory? my mother every year use to get a small token for valentine’s day. Candy, makeup, something that told us we were her Valentine’s

2. Favorite gift you received for Valentines day? I really don’t have one- my beloved and I never celebrate Valentine’s day

3. If you could have the perfect dinner on Valentines day it would be? Seafood- I love seafood at a quiet and peaceful resteraunt with all my valentine’s!

4. Something special you do with your children to make Valentines day special.

Like my mother I buy them a token, something to remind them that I love them and they are my valentine’s

5. Favorite romantic comedy?

You got mail

6. Valentines day movie that you watch every year?

don’t have one

7. If you could take a Valentines day vacation where would you go?

Europe. I have been to Hawaii and on the other side Puerto Rico- Islands are all the same, the cultures are just different.  I want to go to Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany…

8. Favorite lesson to teach on Valentines day to your children?

dont  have one..

9. Favorite scrapbook page about Valentines day?

Have not done a scrap page either..

10. Favorite Valentines day craft?

don’t do Valentines craft

I know I am real profound.

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