Friday, February 27, 2009

Topic Study: Pride

We have started our new curriculum and may I say though we are struggling through understanding it. It is FANTASTIC. I truly do love it.  This weeks Topic Study is on Pride. Oh yes the ultimate sin, the thing that creeps up on each us.


        Pride is a way one elevates themselves above others, thinking that they are better than someone else. Pride is also a way one sin’s against another by thinking they do not  have to submit to one’s authority.

       Pride can destroy and take over one’s heart. The heart becomes hardened and they think they do things in their own understanding. Example Nebuchadnezzar, He believed his kingdom was built by his own hands and not by the Hands of the Lord. The Lord can humble anyone who walks in pride. (Daniel 1-4)

     Pride runs ramped in all of our hearts. Pride prevents me from being honorable and submissive to my husband. Pride keeps me from turning away wrath. As long as I allow pride to dominate in my life I can not live out the word of God nor am I being a good example of Christ’s love.

Read: Effects of Pride:

            Proverbs 8:13

            Proverbs 11:2

           Proverbs 16:18

          Proverbs 29:23

May the Lord’s words penetrate your heart so that you will be changed!


  1. Hmmmmmmm, pride, yes we all have it.
    This was really good. You'll get the hang of it more and more and you think you like SOW now, just wait!!!!

  2. Yet another one the Lord knew I needed to hear just now! (Hey -- have you been readin my mail??) :) Jimi Ann


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