Friday, February 6, 2009

What does being a mother mean to you?

I was reading a blog that I love My charming Kids by McMama- and she was talking about mothering.  Her story got me thinking about what mothering means to me?  Mine is not as profound and hers and ,of course, I have no books to give away, but here is what being a mother means to me:


It has been 18 years since my beloved and I decided(or actually God decided) to start our family. I intended my life for other things, travel, business success, and an esteemed education. The Lord had other plans for me!
When I first found out I was pregnant it put a wave of shock and fear through me. Shock because the last thing I planned on was a baby.;-) Fear because was I even good enough to be a mother. How could I take care of baby when I was making so many mistakes in my life?
The moment I saw his precious face, and held his little hand I was hooked. This little creature was mine I helped create it, WOW, that amazed me. His every move, yawn, cry, I watched with amazement and ,of course, I stood in awe of How God created us to reproduce and bring life forth! Now 6 children later- I feel no different. The awe is still the same of how God creates life in me. Feeling that little one grow inside me, and watching them grow into individuals. Seeing their own personalities kick in realizing that is what God intended me for! Not to travel, not to be a successful educated business woman to be an engineer of my home and a mother, nurturer, hug-giver to the gifts He has given me to love and to love me like NO one has ever loved me, unconditionally. Life is never so fulfilling until you look into the eyes of that little one and he or she says "Mama-I lub you!" Then you realize- what mothering is all about!

What does being a mother mean to you?

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