Friday, March 13, 2009

BFS #124 - The Easy Button

Assignment - This week I would like you to post any prayer requests you have. What is going on in your life that you need prayer warriors for?

When this assignment came through I was going to share  prayer request for a much needed rental home, and new job for my beloved, but in a blink of an eye those things were no longer a concern. A truly serious, and sobering matter occurred. I was not sure how to share with all of you this matter- and how desperate I was. I was not sure how to even lift my eyes towards heaven for fear that he would not hear me, or not even want what I was wanting.  I was not sure I could handle a loss of my child. My baby- my eldest- He is 18 years old, 6 days ago he started to develop these sharp pains that would shoot to the back of his eyes. At first he described them as a headache, but he realized it was not headache, and started to complain more of the pain, and stated that pain relievers were not working. I made a doctors appointment. When the doctor examined him, he kept going back to the one eye, the one he was having pain in and examine it.(like 4 times) He never stated if he saw something. He just said “ an urgent MRI” is needed. That is when the torment in my heart began,of course ,I called family quickly for prayer, but to also share what was happening. All this time trying hard not to let my imagination run wild, and let my tears fall out of fear. 

The running question in my heart and soul was “could I handle it if the Lord called my baby home to Him?” I thought of all things he had not experienced: marriage, and children and I stood there unsure how to beseech my Lord for my son’s health. I was not sure what to say and how to say it. So I called on the saints, those I know- who would pray and knew what to pray in our behalf.

Today- I sit with peace, still unsure of what the true diagnoses is, but knowing it is not life threatening. (because of the lack of urgency from the doctors)We go to a Neurosurgeon at the end of the month, to find out what the mass is on his pituitary- (the cause of his pain) and see what needs to be done about.

Late breaking NEWS: As of yesterday- to the Glory of our HEAVENLY gracious and loving Father- my son went without pain all day!! So HE heard your prayers WARRIORS of God. He knows the LOVE you have for my son!!

Thank you!



  1. Oh, Angie! I'm praising God with you that he was pain free yesterday and that it isn't life threatening. I'll be praying for wisdom for his doctors and health and healing for your son.

  2. Yes, the Lord is Good indeed! Our thankful hearts rejoice and give hime all the glory He so deserves. We are rejoicing with you, (and a huge sigh of relief) and of course our prayers will see this situation through. We love all of you dearly. Send Paul our love.

    In Christ service,

  3. I'm also praising the Lord that he was pain free yesterday. I pray he is pain free today too. Praying for healing for him.
    Much love-

  4. Angie, I just read this and am praying for your son. Suddenly, everything in your world changes, and you are reminded that He alone is in control. Praying for his accurate diagnosis, continued healing, and freedom from pain. ALso for you for your peace and faith to build through this. Sending hugs your way. Love, Annette


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