Tuesday, March 24, 2009

[BloggerFriendSchool] #125 Let Your Fingers Do the Walking (Yellow Pages)


I'd like you to choose a word, find the Hebrew or Greek original word, and then dig into it's full meaning.

My Word is Forgiveness.

Forgiveness- in Hebrew is

cĕliychah- means to pardon. The first time this word forgiveness is used is in Psalm 130:3-4

If thou, LORD, shouldest mark iniquities, O Lord, who shall stand?But [there is] forgiveness with thee, that thou mayest be feared.

A reminder that the Lord forgives our iniquities if not who can stand before Him?

Forgiveness comes from the root word forgive.

Forgive-in Hebrew is

nasa' – means to lift, carry or bear up.

It shows up in scripture for the first time in Genesis 50:17

Joseph’s brothers are asking him for forgiveness of the trespasses they caused against him.


Forgive in Hebrew is

aphiēmi- means to disregard, to let go, give up debt.

Which this meaning does not show up in scripture until the Lord prayer, Math 6:12.


Forgiving or Forgiveness seems to be a trait that we expect the Lord to bestow upon us but have a hard time bestowing on each other.  The word forgive is mentioned 56 different times in 48 verses.  Forgiveness is only mentioned 7 times in 7 verse, but only mentioned once with the word and meaning stated above. The other meaning is to release from bondage or imprisonment. I have come to realize that not forgiving others of wrong doings, leaves me in bondage and imprisonment to that wrong doing. There is only one-Jesus Christ that can truly release us from bondage. He showed the ultimate sign of forgiveness when he stated in his last breathes, “ Then said  Jesus, Father, forgive(aphiēmi) them; for they know  not  what they do .”(Luke 23:34)

Think who have you not shown forgiveness to?

Who are you still holding bitterness towards? 

How is the Lord expected to forgive you, when you will not show forgiveness yourself?

Even on the cross- he requested for the iniquities of those crucifying him be forgiven!! May we bestow for our own souls sake  Christ’s level of Forgiveness! 



  1. Truer words never spoken. God is dealing with me on this same issue. By the worlds standards, I have every right to hold on to my unforgiveness and even to pay back evil for evil. But I desire the ways of the Lord and am praying for a heart of forgiveness and that I may get to the point of repaying good for evil!

  2. wonderful.

    I've just been reading about the sin of the golden calf.. and the Father forgiving the Children of Israel and restoring the covenant with them.. a true picture of "forgiving the debt completely"



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