Friday, March 20, 2009

Femininity- what is it?


This topic got brought up here at The Stay at home Missionary. my response got to be too long- so I thought I would share and post it on my blog.

I wish I could say I have clear picture of what true Femininity is. Unfortunately it is so distorted by the Worlds view, and  then a feministic view which was portrayed by my mother.

So what is femininity in my eyes?

Femininity- is a gentle soul, who speaks with kindness always, not only when there is company.

  • One who is creative in everything she does, sewing, cleaning, and cooking.
  • One who dresses in clothing that shows she is beautiful, delicate and pretty.  I do not envision just dresses in this.
  • One who loves the Lord with all of heart and lives with wisdom at her side.
  • One whose true radiance and glow is from the Holy Spirit.
  • One who is Humble

Are these all realistic? Can you be all these things?

What is femininity in your eyes?

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  1. I myself am learning daily what femininity is. I think it is all that you listed! Especially the radiance glow from the Holy Spirit.
    I know the Bible tells us all to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger, but I find this such a wonder when I see it in a woman....I am by no means there!
    I have a long way to go, as my idea of femininity and what the world & my mother has taught me is conflicting. Oh to be God's woman and to walk worthy of Him daily. I have a long way to go!


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