Thursday, March 5, 2009

Homeschool Memoirs #28: Life Skills

Tell us about your experience with teaching life skills.

Did you have a big family project that provided a wonderful teaching opportunity?

One year I decided to teach my children society’s point of view for caring for the elderly. We started to volunteer at this state ran Elderly and rehabilitation center. After just a few visits the children started to mourn over the elderly who were stuck in this facility and never thought of again.

Through history the elderly were cared for by the families. Grandma or grandpa or both moved in with their son or daughter to be cared for till they passed on into Glory. Elderly facilities did not come into play until the time that life went into hyper-speed. When families started being involved in many activities outside of the home, is when they were too busy to band together to take care of Grandma or grandpa or both.

I  wanted them to see how unloved these elderly felt, how lonely and how they felt abandoned by their loved ones. They had lived their whole lives taking care of their children, providing for the family to be left to die in a home, alone or with a nurse. How sad and what a reality check it was for my children to see these elderly people in such need and alone.

What I wanted them to see is how Unbiblical it was.

How do you honor your mother and father, by leaving them in one of these facilities? 

How does the old teach the young if they are put in these facilities?

In today’s day and time, we have home nurses that come in to care for the elderly when needed. There are so many other options that are more financially feasible than a home. 


 Maybe you have a creative way to get your kids involved in doing laundry.

Changing the subject completely- Here is how we do laundry- each child is assigned a day and on that day they are responsible for doing there laundry,folding and any excess we may have(like towels, blankets etc)

Chores are divided up by days as well. We are family that works together!

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