Thursday, April 9, 2009

Blogger Friend School #128- Does She or Doesn’t She (Clairol Shampoo)


Assignment: Tell the world about your favorite woman in the Bible. Who is she? How did the world judge her? How does God see her? How did God use her? How has this woman affected your life? How does she inspire you to walk out your relationship with God?

Esther is my favorite Bible woman.

How did the world judge her?

She obtained favour in their sight of all who looked upon her.

How does God see her?

He blessed her with favour among men and knew he would use her to protect his people.

How did God use her?

He used her to be brave, and bold in a time when bravery would bring death. He used her to fight for the life of  his people even with the fear of death.

How has this woman affected your life?

Esther- showed in adversity strength. She feared for the lives of her people, and with humility, prayer and fasting she approached the king with gentleness and love. She did not speak harshly or aggressively, instead she prepared her heart, prayed for his heart, and the Lord gave her the way and words to share with the King the deception that was before him, and the fate of her and her people.

At times of adversity and uncertainty-Esther gives me an example on how to be kind, gentle and strong.

How does she inspire you to  walk out  your relationship with God?

Esther turned to the Lord first for direction and answers. She prayed and fasted for 3 days, asking her brethren to fast with her. Nor did she have regard for her own life. Through her example in the Word, I am reminded that I am to seek first the Lord’s will by being on my knees, and in some situations fasting for him to direct me.


  1. Oh.. have you seen One Night With The King? WE just watched it recently as we celebrated Purim in the van on our trip home from Tennessee (there aren't many other ways to celebrate in a 12 hour long The movie was beautiful - and I love how the depicted Esther on the night she approaches the king.. not bedecked with jewels, but with the pure beauty of a lovely heart.


  2. Hello~ I thought of using Esther but have clung to Ruth for many years. In times of trials and after prayer I always turn to Ruth for strength and endurance to get me through. Nice post! Thank you for sharing.

    Mrs. Nancy

  3. This is who I have always modeled my life after because of what you said: she seeks the Lord first before doing anything else!

    Great post!!


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