Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting to know me

1.What is the weather like where you are? sunny and hot

2.Who was your first best friend? Sam

3.Who knows you best? The Lord Jesus, my husband and my children in that order

4.Do you have a temper? Not as much as I use to- Thank you Jesus

5.Have you ever flew in an airplane? Many times.. too many to count

6.Have you ever been on a cruise? Not a luxury one.. I have been on a Naval Cruise Ship(A Carrier) But I know that is not what this question is asking

7.Have you ever rode on a train? Yes- it is wonderful!

8.Where is the fartherest you've been from home? Not sure which is further- Puerto Rico or Hawaii..

9.Do you plan to move in the next 12 months? Umm only God has the answer to that. He moves us- and we go!

10.What are your parents names? Lummy and Fernando Ythier

11.Do you have brothers/sisters? Yes-One Brother –Commander in the Army-very Proud of Him and Three Sisters- Youngest being 17 years old.

12. Can you swim? yes but I am not a strong swimmer
13. Name one thing you like about yourself. My Hair

14. Name one thing you DO NOT like about yourself. How I have gained weight without eating my way there!

15.Who is the last person you talked to on the phone?My sister/BFF  Melissa

16.What time did you wake up today?4:45

17.What is your favorite animal? Ferret but my husband hates them

18.Where did you go today?Absolutely NO Where and that is how I like it

19. Do you have kids? Yes- 6 blessings and hoping for more

20. What is the worst sound to hear? The humming of a bathroom fan left on-ugh!!

21.Who is the last person who sent you a card? Tanya- she is such a blessing to me.

22. Who is the last person you wrote a letter to? Tanya-thanking her for her thoughtfulness in my time of heartache.

23.What kind of soap do you like best?Ivory

24.What kind of perfume/cologne do you like best?Happy

25.Who is the last person you called?My sister-Melissa

26.Are you happy or sad today?Happy :)
27.Have you ever been in an accident? Yes, but by the grace of God they have been minor!

28.Have you ever broken a bone?No- Thank you Jesus!

29. Have you ever had surgery?Yes

30.Have you ever played sports?BAsketball and Softball

31.Did you graduate highschool?Yes.
32. Can you sing? Yes,but as I get older my voice is getting deeper and I am not adjusting to that change to well

33. Can you dance?Yes

 34.Can you play an instrument?No

35.Have you ever been in the newspaper?Yes when I joined the Navy

36. Have you ever been on TV?No

 37.Have you ever wrote a book?no, but I really want to.

38.What type(s) of music do you like?Gospel,Gospel Blue Grass,

 39.What month were you born?November

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