Thursday, July 16, 2009

Painful Moment in Life

Dear Saints

I have not said anything about our announcement a week ago. I had a post on here sharing that I was expecting. I removed that post, because it was too painful to look at.

The life that was in me had stopped growing, I started the miscarrying process on Friday and  miscarried on Monday. This loss, I felt so deep within me I was not sure if I could ever share with all you what happened.

The Lord is gracious, merciful and loving, through other Saints who have and are praying, I find strength to type these words to you. 

I am not sure why it stopped growing, or what went wrong. All I know is for the short time that I had knowledge of this sweet angel I loved it and wanted it in my arms more than anything.

I have learned something so valuable  in this process, that life is a gift, and that a pregnancy does not equal a guaranteed baby. We must always remain hopeful, praying each day for health, protection, and growth, leaving us in a state of COMPLETE dependence on God the Father.

Thank you to all of you who shared in our joy. May the Lord be glorified through this sorrowful time.

Seeking His Face and Holding His hand


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