Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Mark of a Contagious Christian


I have started reading through this book by Dr. Jeremiah.

The Mark of a contagious Christian was today’s lesson- Of course I could not resist in sharing about it.

Dr. Jeremiah starts off by talking about the conduct of Christians. Being a Christian is not a benign or dead thing, it is suppose to be Contagious! Are you a Contagious Christian?

What is a Contagious Christian?

1.Contagious Christians are Energetic.

Their energy comes from authentic conversion.

“Someone has said the born again movement is a hundred miles wide and an eighth of an inch deep.”-from the book

What a profound statement about how we (believers) walk around professing our faith, but not living it out in our lives.

Do your co-workers, neighbors, and people you interact with see your faith in your life?

You are saved by the Blood of the Lamb- you should be shouting it from the roof tops. Your joy should overwhelm you to a point of bursting. Your energy should come from the Holy Spirit so that you can be the light in the darkness that surrounds us all.


2. Contagious Christians are Established

Does your assurance through the Holy Spirit shine brightly?

Are you confident and established in the Word?

Whether you are in your home or on the street the Gospel is to shine through.

3. Contagious Christians are Enthusiastic

Do you live knowing how loved you are and love others enthusiastically as Christ loves you?

4. Contagious Christians are Evangelistic

Do you take every opportunity to pray when others ask you?(do you do it right then and there?)

Do you take every opportunity to give Glory to God, and His word by sharing Him and His word?

and Lastly Contagious Christians are Expectant of the coming our Lord Jesus.

Dear Saints- be Contagious Christians who are Energetic,established,enthusiastic,Evangelistic, and Expectant!!

By the Grace and Love of our Lord Jesus


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