Monday, August 24, 2009

1000 gifts of thanks (21-25)

holy experience

I thought I would start off my thankfulness with a poem by Pauline Ressler.


I’m thankful for my family,

for my home,for food, for friends,

And all the many blessings which

For the refreshing summer rain,

For flowers, trees, for birds and bees,

And for the sun’s warm glow.


I’m thankful for the fellowship

Of Christian staunch and true,

United in one brotherhood,

The Church’s work to do.

I’m thankful for the Holy Word,

And for the Holy Spirit near

To lead me day by day.


I’m thankful for God’s greatest gift-

That Christ has died for me;

Oh, how I need His grace divine,

His love and mercy free!

I know He’s interceding now;

He pleads at God’s right hand

That I may safely reach my home

In yonder glory land!


21. for peaceful times with in my home

22. for provisions only given by God

23. for the encouragement that only comes from the body of Christ

24.  for capturing memories


25. for a beloved man who is strong, gentle, loving, giving, compassionate and a wonderful father

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