Monday, August 31, 2009

1000 gifts of thanks 26-30

holy experience


Blessings in Disguise

By Pauline Ressler

Today I want to thank you, Lord,

For blessings in disguise-

That piercing thorn upon my path,

The dark and cloudy skies,

that disappointment sent to me,

The sadness and the pain,

The tears that flowed when in distress,

the loss instead of gain!


Today I see the blessing rare

When skies were dark and gray,

You were so very near to me;

I took more time to pray.

I realized my helplessness

and your sufficiency;

I understood that I must learn

More closely unto Thee!


I’ll praise You, Lord, for cares of life,

For burdens thick and sore;

For when You led through dreary ways,

I learned to love You more!

I know not what the future holds,

What trials may unfold;

If I be tried in furnace fire,

Let me come forth as gold!



26. For quiet days

27. For the Presence of the Holy Spirit

28. For the accountability of brothers and sisters in Christ

29. For NEW life…

30. For the rain- that is bestowed upon us through Christ!!

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