Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Tell about it Thursday"


"Tell about a special grandparent"

My grandmother Acosta- my mother’s mother was so very special to me. When I was little she use to live a few doors down from us. Mom tells me stories of putting on my coat and sending me down(at 2-3 years old) to grandma’s. Grandma would be standing at the door waiting for me with a warm bottle of milk, coffee with lots of sugar. (I still drink my coffee this way)

I spent most of my summers growing up with grandma. Mom would fly me to Puerto Rico. I remember all the things we use to do. She was always cooking. I also remember her teaching me how to wash dishes. I was too small to reach the sink so she would bring in cinder blocks so I could reach.

Abuela- Grandmother in spanish- was a God-fearing woman who loved the Lord with all of heart. I remember walking to her church, every Sunday morning,evening, and Wednesday. She listened to Billy Graham on her radio every morning and evening, read her bible and was on her knees, Praying for me I truly believe that!

Her death was the hardest loss I have experienced thus far. My Maria was born just days after her death.. So Maria is named after her great- grandmother! Often times I wish she was here to meet my children and my beloved. I truly believe she would have loved them so much!

I know my Abuela is walking in Glory with our Lord Jesus!!

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