Saturday, August 1, 2009

HE’s a big boy now…


Noah is getting bigger and bigger. Here he is standing on his new step stool that his handy, crafty daddy made for him.

IMG_0104Isn’t this just the neatest thing??! My beloved is truly gifted.


Update on the home front:

In  trying to consistently embed the word in our lives  and our children’s lives we have come up with a new plan for family devotions.

PLEASE PLEASE lift this in prayer for our family to stay faithful and diligent.

That said-here is our plan:

Memory verse Monday- will be focusing on memorizing and helping each other memorize the verse or verses of the week.

Topic Tuesday- will be focusing on a certain topic or word to study, dissect and learn.

Witness Wednesday- we will learn about witness of the past and how we can follow in their footsteps. Eventually we are hoping this will be day we go witnessing as a family.

Thankful Thursday- is the day we share one thing we are most thankful for.

Faith Fighting Friday- this is the day we will equip our family to defend their faith

Sabbath Saturday- we will read the Parashat

Psalm Sunday- we will read and study the psalms.


I will update you on our progress once we get into this new plan.

Blessings dear Saints,


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