Sunday, August 30, 2009

Home School Grade Book

Ok homeschooling moms- here it is- a grade-book just for homeschoolers.


There are tons of grade-books out there but NOT ONE that is like this one-

This is made custom for you and your family.


How is it different from other grade books?


First and for most- I found that most grade-books will not let you list different assignments or lesson for each child. This one will.



On each page is 4 weeks of lessons



It averages the grades after every two weeks.

On the bottom of each page is a notes section where you can list your abbreviations or whatever else you want to put there.

On the back of the book is Notes- where you can list your resources.

This book was created by Me and my sister if you interested in purchasing one, shoot me an email!


Blessings to you!


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