Friday, August 28, 2009

Tell me about it Thursday-late



I've been experiencing some serious technical difficulties. I have my computer completely back to normal now- I am sorry that I am late posting this- but I had to do it. It is one of my favorites to do during the week. So here I go:


"Share something (anything) about your family"


My family- I truly am a blessed woman. My family loves the Lord with all of their hearts. They are a warm, inviting crew.  They attract people like flies to honey. People love to be around them because of their fun-loving ways.  Together each of them bring a special and important gift to us all. Paul is the friendly one, the one that gets people talking. Alexander is our comedian, though quiet, when warmed up- he will have you busting a gut. Samuel is our sweet, tender young-man who feels the pain of others and as he grows becomes more and more compassionate and closer to the heart of Christ. Maria is our hard one- who keeps all of us on that narrow path. She loves her brothers and tries to guide them,even the older ones. Joseph is our second to the youngest, and was the youngest for a long time. Though he is young in age, he thinks he can keep up with the big boys. His understanding of scripture is beyond my years.  and Little Noah is the comforter of us all- he is the living example of true miracles that can only come from our Savior Jesus Christ.  Last but not least is my beloved- the back bone of this family. The leader that is so pleasant to follow. The blessing that washes us all in the word and protects his family from wondering in the wrong direction.

You are truly missing out if you do not take the time to fellowship with this crew!!



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