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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Women’s Meeting


Yesterday evening was my first women’s meeting at our church. Sister Cheri(Pastor’s wife) held it and taught. The fellowship hall was all decorated very feminine. (sorry for the first time in a long time I FORGOT my camera) She made us a meal, chicken,brocoli, corn, with Alfredo noodles. It was all very good.But the Word she shared was wonderful. It was titled-

A wolf in sheep’s clothing or a sheep in wolf’s clothing-it was on modest clothing.



Her information came from this sermon

The Language of Christian Clothing- By SM Davis

and of course Scripture…

I will to try to do what she shared some justice.

The Language of Christian Clothing

1. The main clothing of the Christian is not the clothing of the outside but the clothing of the inside


- the main thing is having Jesus living within us in which these things will manifest themselves outwardly through the fruit in our lives:

-righteousness ( Job 29:14)

- salvation ( Isaiah 61:10)

- strength and honor (Proverbs 31:25)

-Humility (I Peter 5:5)


Comparison of what kind of attitude and spirit we should have- and what can be


Christ in us without Christ
servant attitude self centered
teachable know it all
not a pharisee Pharisee
grateful ungrateful
want to be like Jesus  
concerned about their testimony before others not concerned



2. Your clothing  SPEAKS a distinctive language all its own.

Here she shared a story of a news article she read – where a Pastor’s wife was arrested. What happened was this woman was dressed in such a way that the police officer thought she was a prostitute.


3. Inward and outward clothing should speak the same language

If we are followers of Jesus Christ- and profess our belief in him- then should we be dressing like the world?


4. Outward clothing is important to God and should therefore be important to us.

5. God’s purpose for clothing are protection, symbolism and modesty.

6. A person clothed with righteousness and humility would want to communicate the language of modesty and not the language of nakedness.

7. A person clothed with humility would want to communicate the language of submission

and acceptance of themselves rather than the language fo rebellion and rejection of God’s design

Deut 22:5

The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so [are] abomination unto the LORD thy God.


8. A person clothed with righteousness and humility would want to learn their language from the shepherd not the wolf.

9. A person clothed with righteousness and humility will be willing to accept their God given responsibility for their example in this area of life.

She spoke on the differences between a man and a woman- men are affected physically, emotionally by sight. Women are affected by touch,so what we wear does matter because of two reasons

1. we could be sending the wrong message –

2. we could be causing a brother to stumble by our dress.


All of this was wonderful information and affirmation on things the Lord had placed in my life and heart a long time ago!

I pray for those who take the time to read this- they will see Christ in the Words and He will be glorified.



Vision Forum Give Away




There is this great giveaway going on right now. She is giving away some resources from Vision Forum- Joyfully Living for His Glory-

You have to go check it at!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

1000 gifts

holy experience




glorious morning



For innocence and security- always knowing he is safe even if he is up on the roof with dad.



For youngmen willing to work hard





For Godly Fellowship




For God’s amazing creatures



Saturday, October 24, 2009

His Secret Things…

Deu 29:29

The secret [things belong] unto the LORD our God:

-Not everything of God do we know

- Not everything of God do we understand


but those [things which are] revealed [belong] unto us and to our children for ever, that [we] may do all the words of this law.

There are things that we do know through His Word and understand of God. Those things are our responsibility. Those words/ways are to be taught to our children, children’s children, children’s children’s children FOREVER! so that they will do and keep God’s law and ways.

In our human mind we think we know God because He’s like us, right?

Wrong- we were made in HIS image, not His in our image and it is only in HIS image are we made, but without Christ and HIS redeeming blood we are NOTHING like God because without Christ we are DARK, Sinful, and Ugly.

No darkness is in Him( 1 John 1:5)

Only being redeemed are we washed clean, and Christ in us are we able to see the light beaming through the darkness in us to make out HIS image in us.  Only through Christ can we understand and follow HIS ways and Word.

Seek His face, His ways and His Word this day that you may know of this hope that is only brought to us by the Holy Spirit. Find your strength in Him and know that all His ways are revealed in His word. Allow it to guide you and strengthen you. In Jesus Name!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Purging is never easy…


This week has been one of a spiritual and emotional challenge. God has been purging my heart, and soul- that purging process is not an easy one and it hurts so deep within me not for my sake but for the shame I have placed on myself and my beloved. 

The Lord has been gracious, and merciful. He has shown His love to me through my beloved and his gentleness to me. Some days have been even tough to pray, not because I had NO reason to pray but because the pain was so great and I know the Lord could see right to my heart and soul. I had NO words- so in those days I lifted my face to heaven with one song on my heart for my Lord.


and one for my beloved!

I truly want to sit at your feet my beloved,drink from the cup in your hand,lay back against you and breath, feel your heart beat, This is love is so deep it is more than I can stand.

I want to be to you what God intended you to have in a wife! I know she is singing this song to the Lord, but it is such a love song- it truly shows how I feel about you-


Thank you, Lord, for your graciousness, your mercy, in my life- may I continue to seek your face, Read your Word, so that I may bring you glory and not shame IN my life!


Sky Watch





As Dawn Breaks this morning!!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thankful Monday(I know it is Tuesday)

holy experience



46. For the Lord and Restoration in my soul…


47. For time alone with my beloved


48. For cool nights and bright, glorious mornings


49. For young men who follow fervently after Christ


50. For the Lord’s continuing His Work within me!

Anniversary but most of all restoration

This past Saturday Samuel and I celebrated our 17th anniversary. It started out being a very quiet day, but then it got busy with things of the church. We only had Maria, Joey and Noah- but they had a youth day at church so we took them.

We played kickball with the youth and parents-which was so much fun! It made me realize that there are muscles I have not used in a while.(ha-ha) We stayed at the church all day fellowshipping, talking and laughing with the families.

Time flew before we knew it was 7:30pm. Samuel and I looked at each other wondering if it was even worth trying to go out to eat at that time. We ended up going to this little Mexican restaurant in a small town that is next to our town. It was ok. I am not a big fan of Mexican. I wanted the fried avocado though.

On Sunday- we went to church and both morning and evening service were so powerful. The Holy Ghost was present! It was so strong that there were things He wanted me to share and shed from the past with Samuel. So that evening was a time of sharing, and confessing. It brought liberation to my soul but it pained me to see the pain in my beloved’s eyes,as I was obedient to the Lord. The devils plans in my life have been defeated. I can stand and say that through the power and blood of Jesus I am cleansed and restored a new! May the Lord lead and guide and give my beloved and I strength to stand on HIS foundation of Rock and not in the sand. As the winds of life blow- we will stand assured that we will not fall because our foundation is not our own but Christ’s!!!

I love you my wonderful, strong, Godly Man of God! You are truly the one God intended for me and for the first time- I know that so deep within me!!!  Thank you for 18 wonderful years, 17 of them as one! May our Lord reign within our hearts and souls, so that we can be molded and shaped into who HE wants us to be!

To God be the Glory


Friday, October 16, 2009

SkyWatch Friday

Skywatch Friday





IT is ABSOLUTELY beautiful here in TEXAS- it is cool and there is a breeze- That is rare for our AREA. Thank you Lord for the relief from the Humidity and heat!



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I know it is not monday

holy experience
but if I continue this way I will never get to 1000- Mondays in my home are so overwhelming busy that time on the computer is very limited. So here I go-
41. For cool weather here in Texas as short at it lasted. Thank you for temporary relief.
42. For the birth of Paul, Maria, Joseph who all celebrated birthdays since my last thousand gift post. Thank you Lord for the gift of their lives- you have bestowed on me. Each bring so much to my heart and life!
43. For a church Body to love!!
We have finally found our home away from heaven!!
image (picture of our church building)
44.  For 17 years come Saturday(Oct 17th) married to the most Godly man ~
45.For opportunity to minister and make new friends along the way!!!
Thank you Lord all these things and More!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

New friends…


Last night we had the priviledge to fellowship with some very special people last night. The Saldonna’s are a very unique and special family for some many reason, but one is the trials they face daily- seem so natural and easy for them.

See Mr. Gary is in a wheel chair which in NO WAY LIMITS HIM

His daughter Britney also is in a wheelchair and she has Cerebral palsy.


Angie- is so precious because she sees the gifts she has before her in her husband and her daughter. Limitations are not a problem for this dear woman. Her strength shines through as she tenderly cares for her daughter and assists her beloved where he needs her.


We have totally fallen in love with these precious people!


Here is my new friend Britney

IMG_0611 IMG_0607 IMG_0609 (2) 


I have such admiration for both of them. I pray as they seek God together that he strengthens them through his Word and bond them together!

A beautiful thought came to me when we were leaving last night- how beautiful will it be stand before the throne of the Lord and see Gary and His daughter dancing before the Lord completely whole and restored in BODY!! I can not wait and I hope I am standing right beside them!!

Six Word Saturday


(Describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words.)



“Sacrificial with my eyes on Jesus!!!”

Friday, October 9, 2009

Kreativ Blogger award





So here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people may not know.
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they've been nominated.



Thank you Karen @ Having Faith for Nominating me for this award.You are such an inspiration and encouragement to me!

Ok 7 things about me:

1. My favorite color is blue

2. my favorite season is the fall(not just because my birthday is in Nov) but because of the array of colors

3. I want to learn to play the piano really bad

4.I love the elderly people, they have so much wisdom to share.

5. My favorite day of the week is Saturday because my beloved is normally home(unless he is refereeing)

6.I dislike doing laundry- I would rather scrub floors, and bathrooms than do laundry!(praise the Lord my children are older and they all do their own clothes)

7. My favorite bible person is Ruth. The heart she had for her mother in law is the same heart I have. Unfortunately mine is not as receptive as her mother in law was.

Ok now I have to nominate 7 Kreativ Blogs

1. Traci @Beneath my Heart – this woman is absolutely amazing. She does everything remodeling furniture, making things with her hands, and her heart for the LORD is so very touching and encouraging. She comes from strong women who love the Lord, and serve HIM by keeping their homes in an array of beauty.

2.Mandy @ Mandy Mom is an incredible woman. Her heart for the Lord, and the love for her family shines through the words she types. Her heartaches, and joys are shared for all to see.

3. Monica @ Pixel Perfect is a kindred spirit in so many ways. Her love for photography is definitely one of them. The other is her heart and love for people! Next is that she is also a daughter of the King of Kings-Jesus that is unbreakable bond!

4. Mom2six @Treasures of Darkness – A simple mom just like me sharing the love of her family, and the love she has for our Lord Jesus Christ- through her life.

5. Tony @ Well Watered Woman- Her words are so profound as she shares her insights and reveals when The Lord Jesus speaks to her. A blog worth READING!!

6. Sandra @ Love Abounds At Home- A keeper of the Home is truly who she is. She is an inspiration on How to love your husband! She is an encourager and has tons of wisdom to share!

7.Deidra @ Jumping Tandem- is a new bloggy friend.. She is a pastors wife, and truly a keeper at home. Her heart for her family and her love for the Lord- shines through in her words!!

Ladies thank you all for being such an inspiration to my heart and soul!!



Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just a touch from heaven!!

IMG_0594 IMG_0591 IMG_0592 IMG_0593

Some of you know….


That I lost a baby about 2 months ago, others do not.. I will share it was such a painful thing for me. Mandy @ MandyMom just recently lost her 4th bundle of joy.. and she wrote this song- it is exactly how I felt and how I feel at times!!


Thank you Mandy for freely expressing your pain in song!




Sunday, October 4, 2009

Time sure does fly…


Yesterday we celebrated my eldest son’s 19th birthday.


Now I have time to think and reflect it saddens me some to think he is becoming a man.


  As his life goes on I pray he continues to fervently seek the Lord.

Was he ever this small?


Oh how miss the pacifier loving baby! But am joyous to see the Hand of the Lord upon his life!!





Happy Birthday PMJS!



Saturday, October 3, 2009

By God’s grace and Provisions…

well things here in the Sellers home has been challenging. Every one of my family members caught the flu, except Noah and I. Needless to say, I was busy taking care of everyone, and bleaching everything to kill the germs. IMG_9000


The 2 weeks before we were busy with things at the church, and very late nights, which is most likely why everyone got sick, but we had fun NONE the less.



On the 20th of September-

We celebrated my daughter 14th birthday:

IMG_0423 IMG_0421

On Monday the 21st we picked pears…


On the 24th we celebrate Joseph’s 13th Birthday



On Saturday the 26th we had a youth day at our church- we do not have a youth group- but we do youth days where our pastor will preach directly to the youth(with parents present at all times) then we have lunch and do some kind of activity with parents involved!





On Monday- we had a pear pealing party from all the pears the boys picked the previous week..


we peeled and cored over 60 gallons of pears and canned them






so as you can see I have been very busy.. since everyone was sick by Sept 29th and this is what I did to fill my time while  the others were sleeping


A cover for my sewing machine!


Here is Noah Oct 2nd- He woke saying “Jesus took care of me last night”( was not feeling to great he kept vomiting) so he is calling Bubba-my son whom you see sitting on the couch in the background to tell him.



I will leave you with a verse- Proverbs 19:18


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