Saturday, October 3, 2009

By God’s grace and Provisions…

well things here in the Sellers home has been challenging. Every one of my family members caught the flu, except Noah and I. Needless to say, I was busy taking care of everyone, and bleaching everything to kill the germs. IMG_9000


The 2 weeks before we were busy with things at the church, and very late nights, which is most likely why everyone got sick, but we had fun NONE the less.



On the 20th of September-

We celebrated my daughter 14th birthday:

IMG_0423 IMG_0421

On Monday the 21st we picked pears…


On the 24th we celebrate Joseph’s 13th Birthday



On Saturday the 26th we had a youth day at our church- we do not have a youth group- but we do youth days where our pastor will preach directly to the youth(with parents present at all times) then we have lunch and do some kind of activity with parents involved!





On Monday- we had a pear pealing party from all the pears the boys picked the previous week..


we peeled and cored over 60 gallons of pears and canned them






so as you can see I have been very busy.. since everyone was sick by Sept 29th and this is what I did to fill my time while  the others were sleeping


A cover for my sewing machine!


Here is Noah Oct 2nd- He woke saying “Jesus took care of me last night”( was not feeling to great he kept vomiting) so he is calling Bubba-my son whom you see sitting on the couch in the background to tell him.



I will leave you with a verse- Proverbs 19:18

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