Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I know it is not monday

holy experience
but if I continue this way I will never get to 1000- Mondays in my home are so overwhelming busy that time on the computer is very limited. So here I go-
41. For cool weather here in Texas as short at it lasted. Thank you for temporary relief.
42. For the birth of Paul, Maria, Joseph who all celebrated birthdays since my last thousand gift post. Thank you Lord for the gift of their lives- you have bestowed on me. Each bring so much to my heart and life!
43. For a church Body to love!!
We have finally found our home away from heaven!!
image (picture of our church building)
44.  For 17 years come Saturday(Oct 17th) married to the most Godly man ~
45.For opportunity to minister and make new friends along the way!!!
Thank you Lord all these things and More!!

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