Saturday, October 10, 2009

New friends…


Last night we had the priviledge to fellowship with some very special people last night. The Saldonna’s are a very unique and special family for some many reason, but one is the trials they face daily- seem so natural and easy for them.

See Mr. Gary is in a wheel chair which in NO WAY LIMITS HIM

His daughter Britney also is in a wheelchair and she has Cerebral palsy.


Angie- is so precious because she sees the gifts she has before her in her husband and her daughter. Limitations are not a problem for this dear woman. Her strength shines through as she tenderly cares for her daughter and assists her beloved where he needs her.


We have totally fallen in love with these precious people!


Here is my new friend Britney

IMG_0611 IMG_0607 IMG_0609 (2) 


I have such admiration for both of them. I pray as they seek God together that he strengthens them through his Word and bond them together!

A beautiful thought came to me when we were leaving last night- how beautiful will it be stand before the throne of the Lord and see Gary and His daughter dancing before the Lord completely whole and restored in BODY!! I can not wait and I hope I am standing right beside them!!

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