Friday, October 23, 2009

Purging is never easy…


This week has been one of a spiritual and emotional challenge. God has been purging my heart, and soul- that purging process is not an easy one and it hurts so deep within me not for my sake but for the shame I have placed on myself and my beloved. 

The Lord has been gracious, and merciful. He has shown His love to me through my beloved and his gentleness to me. Some days have been even tough to pray, not because I had NO reason to pray but because the pain was so great and I know the Lord could see right to my heart and soul. I had NO words- so in those days I lifted my face to heaven with one song on my heart for my Lord.


and one for my beloved!

I truly want to sit at your feet my beloved,drink from the cup in your hand,lay back against you and breath, feel your heart beat, This is love is so deep it is more than I can stand.

I want to be to you what God intended you to have in a wife! I know she is singing this song to the Lord, but it is such a love song- it truly shows how I feel about you-


Thank you, Lord, for your graciousness, your mercy, in my life- may I continue to seek your face, Read your Word, so that I may bring you glory and not shame IN my life!


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