Friday, November 13, 2009

overwhelmed and Blessed


Yesterday was my birthday. It started out early, my beloved did not get up as he normally would. His alarm went off and I awoke realizing he had turned it off. I turned and was encouraging him to get up or he was going to be late. He rolled over gave me a kiss and said Happy Birthday.I thanked him and still encouraged him to get up. He looked at me and said “ do you want your birthday present now” and I said “if you want” . He looked at me and said “ ok, happy birthday”, and then snuggled closer to me. I looked at him a bit confused at first and realized he was not going to work. I was overjoyed.  I was going to have day with my beloved.

It did not quite turn out that way, instead it turned out to be a VERY busy day. I was so overwhelmed with the calls, and people who wanted to stop over to give me a card, or gift. My birthday is normally uneventful and quiet. With a call from my sister and maybe a call from my mother if she remembers, but for the most part quiet only celebrated by my beloved and my children. So to have so many want to come and bless me was shocking to say the least.  I felt loved by all! Thank you!


some of my cards


One of my gifts- thank you sister Jaquitta



A Pen set- anyone who knows me knows I love pens!





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