Tuesday, November 10, 2009

To Be One-Review

To Be One- Three couples journey to Be One.



As we watched this movie/documentary my heart grieved because I can not say that this was my testimony when I found my husband/beloved and through years of stumbling around, God has been merciful to me and my beloved. He has protected us, our marriage and our children in spite of our ignorance and sin in the past.

Hsa 4:6

The children are growing and as we have grown in the Lord- and we (my beloved and I) have tried to show them that only through Christ do all things come including a spouse. 

Humans are followers doing as they see others do- in society it teaches our children to try as many as you can try before settling your heart on one. We believe that is a lie, that teaches the heart never to be satisfied, to always to be displeased and to trust emotions to mandate their relationship. As we all know our emotions can be deceiving and lead us in a way that would not be God honoring.

This film is 3 couples lives who are completely guided by the Lord Jesus Christ, using the authorities(parents) as guides to the path that God would have each of them go. In the end the Lord was reverenced and each spoke deeply into the hearts of my young people that through obedience to the Word, and to their authorities they are honoring God and their parents. What a great testimony and example.

Here are their comments:


Paul 19 years old

“ This film reminded me of the choices I have made in the past that have left scars. Coming to Christ in a real way and finding the “narrow” way is the really the PERFECT WAY!  I find myself questioning how courtship is going to work for me. I find myself praying that the Lord do a work in my heart to prepare me.  Watching those testimonies, God gave me an assurance what He did for them He will do for me.”


Alexander 18 years old

“ The thing that stood out the most for me is the part about the Lord’s Supper. How the Lord’s supper is a reminder of the betrothal we have with Christ. I think when I get a hold of that in my heart I will be ready for courtship and marriage. I will be able to appreciate what courtship means.”


Samuel 16 years old and Maria 14 years old

“ What pressed on our heats was watching how they did it correctly in a God honoring way. How God blessed them through their courtships because they honored God and how they honored their parents the way the bible states.”


Joseph 13 years old

“ What pressed on my heart was seeing how God does bring wives to you and blesses you for waiting. It makes me want to wait and have my parents help guard my heart so that they can help me look for a wife through God’s guidance.”


This film is a must have for every Christian home, especially those whose hearts is for their children to be pure till marriage!!! To purchase go to the website  To Be One


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