Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baking and Celebrating the big boy

The one thing I love about Christmas is baking. I am NOT a baker!!! (to say the least- my sister Melissa has that gift)

My Allie- has a hidden talent none of us  knew about…..





The most delicious chocolate chip cookies we have ever had.



Last night our Babe slept in his own bed all night long without waking up till morning! HURRAY  to our Big Boy.


Mom and Dad are doing the happy dance!!!



Ugh some sobering news and MUCH prayer needed. I have been having a bit of car problems lately, so my beloved said it was time to take it in to my trusted mechanic. Well- it is the radiator- ugh it is leaking, and at the time had NO fluid in it. He was amazed the car did not over heat. (thank you Lord for your constant protection)  By the Grace of God it is a slow leak but will worsen over time, which means the radiator will need to be replaced!!! (At $400.00) This what we need prayer on- we do not have that kind of money and now a days many are in our same boat!- but we must have this vehicle fixed since it is our ONLY reliable family vehicle. OUR God is able to provide all our needs!!! Would you join us in praying for provision in this area?


Thank you


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