Thursday, December 10, 2009

Here I am..

Hello Ya’LL!!! I am here. I am alive. I can not believe that this week has gone by. It is Thursday already? I started to feel bad in the beginning of the week, so I fought not feeling a hundred percent all week.

Christmas was looking pretty dim around here because I was a bit slow in the decorating department. The children decided they were going to help mom get motivatedOpen-mouthed So up went the stockings and the wreath on the door.

I took PM to get his Texas driver’s liscense, did you know it is a two day process? First day you take the written test, then you have to come back VERY early in the morning to take the driver’s test. Wow- first time I ever experience a process like it!

So in a nutshell that was my week.

Talk to you again soon


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