Saturday, January 30, 2010

How do you do It?

My friend Tasha over at He’s everything to Me posed some questions that I thought I would answer on my blog, and also pass on to you…

How do you do it:

1. How does your family decide what will be read and studied for family devotions?

My beloved decides what we do for family devotions.
2. How do you decide what you yourself will read and study during your own individual quiet time?

It depends, but I try to read what we are doing for devotions, then I will do a study or just read. Or I do a reading plan.

3. Do you require your children to have their own personal quiet time with the Lord?

Yes the children are required to spend time in the Word on their own. Papa had them start in Mathew and work their way from there.

4. What does quiet time look like for you, what "tools" do you need?

My bible and my knees…

5. What does family devotions look like for your family? Do family members take turns reading passages? Are you memorizing scriptures together?

Devotions looks different each night.. some nights we take turns reading, some night papa reads, some nights we sing first, other nights, we just pray and read, some nights we review memory verses, other nights we don’t. So we are not systematic at all.

What about you… Loved to hear from you

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