Saturday, January 16, 2010

Things here...

Life here has been pretty quiet. I wake, to work out, do chores, cook, and take care of the children. Each day blending into the other. (have you ever had a season like that?)

We are still going to the little church down the street. The fellowship with others has died down a bit making it very quiet and at times very lonely. But I have enjoyed the family time in the evenings. We have been spending time in Acts(very slowly), trying to develop a list of characteristics that the Church should have. In hopes that God would speak to us through that.

We are also as a family reading through the book called " Same Kind of Different as Me". OH what a book, we have laughed, and hearts have been broken over this unique story of lives that were changed, by serving for Christ. (I know general description but I really don't want to give you any hints towards the book- ITS THAT GOOD) Angie and Jenna at Bloom Book Club is doing a study that starts January 24th- I can't wait!!

The boys(Paul and Sammy) are working very hard to raise money for a family vacation in June. Working long nights refereeing High School games.

Texas has been extremely unseasonly(is that a word?) cold. In this weather it makes you not want to go any where. You stay huddled in the house, just to stay warm. NO we are not in teens, but we are cold for Texas none the less ;-)

I thought I would share a short update on us.. Keep us in your prayers as God continues to move in each of us as we seek His Face...

Thanks for stopping by.. let me know you were here ok?!

Love In Christ

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