Monday, February 1, 2010

God’s Gift

This morning I have been burden with a word to share so here it goes:

First I read: Acts Chapter 11: 1-18

Then, I read Mathew Henry’s commentary on Acts Chapter 11- Verser 1-18

“The imperfect state of human nature strongly appears, when godly persons are displeased even to hear that the word of God has been received, because their own system has not been attended to. And we are too apt to despair of doing good to those who yet, when tried, prove very teachable. It is the bane and damage of the church, to shut out those from it, and from the benefit of the means of grace, who are not in every thing as we are. Peter stated the whole affair. We should at all times bear with the infirmities of our brethren; and instead of taking offence, or answering with warmth, we should explain our motives, and show the nature of our proceedings. That preaching is certainly right, with which the Holy Ghost is given. While men are very zealous for their own regulations, they should take care that they do not withstand God; and those who love the Lord will glorify him, when made sure that he has given repentance to life to any fellow-sinners. Repentance is God's gift; not only his free grace accepts it, but his mighty grace works it in us, grace takes away the heart of stone, and gives us a heart of flesh. The sacrifice of God is a broken spirit.”


How are we as “godly people” displeased that the Word has been received- is it because it was done in a way we disapprove of?

How many of us shut out those on the street, homeless, or those who do not fit our criteria of a Christian?

We must be careful not to withstand God, we are to reach out to those, to give them the “gift” that has been so graciously bestowed upon us.

Repentance is a gift from God,let us all seek to bring all to repentance, not for self glory, but to bring Glory To God!!

Thank you Lord for your Word.. Continue to speak in me and through me!

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