Monday, March 8, 2010

First Sunday at GFBC of Conroe..

On and off over the past year we have attended Grace Family Baptist Church. Though we loved the order of the church, the service, and the STRONG Word. We always struggled with the lack of friendliness in the people. We don't deem ourselves as unapproachable people. Actually I think we are pretty friendly as a family. None the less, there was no personal contact, nor relationship formed in the 3 or 4 months that we visited there. Out of frustration, desire for Godly fellowship and accountability in our lives, Samuel chose to move us on.

We found this little fellowship close to our home, with lots of wonderful fellowship, as sweet as that fellowship was, they lacked order in the church. What a great heart these people have, loving each other and truly being involved in each others lives. Truly having a heart for the lost, and truly carrying each other’s burdens of life.  Graciously my beloved spoke to the Pastor, many times we prayed for the Lord to change our hearts, or to restore unto this place a new foundation. But neither happened.. so out of obedience to our Lord, and desire for Godly order in the service, my beloved moved us back to Grace Family Baptist but just in time for a new church plant. IMG_1446

Yesterday we attended GFBC Conroe's first service. Oh how sweet the fellowship was.


Everyone was excited and enthusiastic about the expansion, and the plant, people were friendly, the service was wonderful and went smoothly, and the Preaching was powerful! (Message was on Worship- Why we are to worship, and What is it is to Worship?)




Dare I say we have found our church home, NO because we are not of this world, it is not our home. My beloved is obedient to heed the call of God on our lives, and where He leads we will follow. But for the time being we will enjoy the fellowship, and worship with this family.

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