Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Kind of Affiliate Program

My brother in Law and Sister in Law at Ministry Books has a new kind of Affiliate program. It is a new  unique program for ministries and churches. 

Here is some information from their site:

Who is eligible to be a Affiliate?

Affiliate Links will only be provided to churches, Christian schools, other religious non-profit organizations and ministries that have a website. This protects the integrity of and all of our Affiliates.

What is the purpose of our Affiliate Program?

To allow Affiliates to receive donations on qualified purchases.

What is a qualified purchase?

Purchases made at via the Affiliate Link on your ministry’s website.
How much money do Affiliates receive?

Affiliates receive donations of 50% of the profit on all qualified purchases.

Example: Let's say a $25.00 Retail Purchase is made at our online store via your Affiliate Link. Let's also say $20.00 is the Actual Price, earning a profit of $5.00. We would then donate $2.50 (50% of the profit) to your ministry.

Need I say more? So if you have a ministry- jump over to Ministry Book Stores talk to Ken or Val they would be glad to answer any questions you have.. Oh and remember to tell them their sister in law sent you.

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