Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Resurrection Sunday

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Another year of Resurrection Sunday has past us. It amazes me how the year starts and each holiday comes and goes. This day that we celebrate the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus went quickly.

We first went to church. The little church was packed. I was amazed of how many people were actually in this little church. We had to sit all the way in the front. Afterwards, we came home, changed and had lunch. Once we were ready we went to Sam's parents home. Gramps had a whole afternoon of fun and games planned for the children. He had an obstacle course set up, and some corn toss games.( Crazy Course photos )

After all that I set up and took some family photos. It is always a challenge to take a photograph of this many people.

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Steve Sellers Family

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The evening ended with talk on unity, family, communication or lack of communication, love, bitterness, dishonesty and forgiveness. It was a great talk and I hope that others got out of it what I did. May our Lord use the day to His Glory and show each of us what He wanted us to see. May we have open eyes and realize that our lives are just a vapor that appear for a little time and vanisheth away!

Be blessed


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  1. Great family picture of you guys!!! I'm glad you had a blessed Resurrection Day.


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