Friday, June 4, 2010

Vacation has begun

The vacation has begun and did it start with a bang. I got up early to see if my sister made it to the airport. And could not get back to sleep with 1000 things running through my head. I stayed up and sewed a skirt.(very cute by the way)
Slowly the house started to awake and the ( half grown) children were just chattering away a mile an hour. Talking and excited about their first plane ride. Duck ( which is the babe) was the last to wake and not on his own. His sister had to wake him. He came out excited knowing this was the day he was going to ride on a plane- and no sooner did he say a few words did he get sick all over the carpet. At that moment I froze knowing that this was going to be a rough morning.

We continued to get dress stopping periodically to tend to our sick Duck. We were closing suitecases and loading things up when we realized my suitecases would not close right( I bought it used) in fear of my underwear being sprawled across the bottom of the plane we switched suitecases to a different one( not checking it)- mind you we are still dealing with our sick Duck- to realize it was ripped and may not make it either so on to yet another suitcase... This time this one worked. Nothing like packing your suitecase 3 times...

Off to the airport we go and we did not even make it through Crosby when Duck starts getting sick again. Good thing I was driving and Papa was in the back handling little man. ( did I
Mention I don't do puke?!- this mama will be sick right on top of the kids)
We treaded forward and Duck did fine till we got out of the car- then he made his presence known on the street behind the car. This whole time my stomache is getting weak and my poor children who have worked hard and waited months for this day become very somber. All our minds are on our poor Duck. Will he make it? Will they let us on the plane? How will the plane ride go?

Well u will have to read part 2 to find out.

In all this I am glorifying my Lord Jesus Christ,


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