Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vacation Part 2

I had meant to post before this time but needless to say I have been busy.
We did get on the plane as you guessed. The plane ride did not go smoothly. Duck did get sick a few times. Finally the exhaustion caught with him but he did not sleep long.

The plane ride was a representation of the day. Turbulant and rough- just the begin of the climax of the day. The pilot did excellent getting us through the rough weather. We landed got our bags, got on the shuttle to get the rental.
( only to leave Noahs car seat on the bus) That is when the real fun began! Because of the finances we rented two mid-size cars for two weeks. The rental guy sweet talked us into upgrading( at the same cost) to a vehicle that we could fit in. Of course we were thinking great we get to ride together. Yeah until we found the car in the rental parking lot. Remember there is 8 of us- with 8 suitecases! How did they expect us to fit 8 suitecases in this space??

Back to the rental counter we went after two and half hours of debating we were able to leave with a Suburban-which fit our lugguage.( not to mention that the guy had given our mid sizes cars away so he had to think fast)

From a sick little one, turbulent plane ride, 2.5 hour rental car ordeal we were finally on our way to my mom's.

I was exhausted and ready for the day to end. We arrived at 9 something at night.

Stayed tune for the rest of the story...

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